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ULTIMATE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Our Price/Quality Guarantee is 2nd to None. Your teeth will be at LEAST THREE shades (Typically Five Shades) WHITER in a week or your money back, we are so confident that if you find a cheaper product from a UK supplier, we will not only match that price, we will also give you a 3ml Syringe of 22% Carbamide Peroxide gel absolutely FREE!













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Dean Craven, Goostrey, Cheshire.
My teeth have always been pretty good but I was always looking for that "Hollywood Smile". After trying what seems like every over the counter treatment under the sun I am at last delighted to have at last found a product that actually is true to its claims. I was astounded to see results in as little as 2 applications and have made a point of doing my upper set first so I can really see the difference! I would like to thank you sincerely and look forward to using your products again, I will also be recommending you to family and friends without a moments hesitation. Your products, prices and service are second to none.
Thank you again from one very happy customer!!
p.s I have no objection to you using any of my comments for your testimonials I am more than happy to be associated with your products
Mr. Scott Viggers, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

I ordered a teeth-whitening kit from you a few days ago. I am just emailing you to tell you how happy I am with the results. After only two applications my teeth are noticeably whiter. I have used a similar product for the past few months, and did not see as good results as I have in the past two applications from the product you are selling. Thanks a lot!
Dr. Barry Thorpe, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
I have had stained teeth for years I am smoker and love my red wine and spicy food all of the things that don't help the colour of my teeth. I have used the system and found an amazing difference after only a few applications.  The colour now is almost pearly white, I just followed the simple instructions and in a couple of days the change was dramatic!
Mr. Steven Shelton, Greenville, TN
The results were amazing thanks for giving me back a great smile. I've recommended Smile-Bright to all my friends.  After 10 Applications the results are as shown above.
Mr. Peter Hart, Bournemouth, Hants
I hadn't been convinced by these things but I now have to admit to being wrong.  Smile-Bright is just the ticket and very easy to use. it takes no time at all and I even slept with my mouth trays in place. Wake up in the morning and my smile just got whiter.
PS. Here's a tip don't use too much gel as although it tastes OK you can get on all right with a lot less than you think. 
Ms. Pier Jandrell, Bristol
I asked my dentist for a quote and they wanted to charge me £340 for the treatment  I asked a friend about Smile-Bright and she said to get it on line its cheaper and its the same thing - worked well,  I'm very very happy!



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